Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-b-Que is a Carnivore’s Dream Cafeteria

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-b-Que

ATX Branch: 217 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

7 days a week | 11am-10pm

(512) 474-4227

Price range: $$

When you’re in Texas, Barbecue is a must! It’s a delicacy that only Southerners are capable of producing. Sure, we have our own ways of preparing barbecue, but if it involves ribs and briskets, leave it to the Texans to impeccably smoke those up. It’s a tradition that almost every household upholds, and several institutions are passionate about preserving its sacredness by producing for the masses.

They say that the farther you are from the city, the better the quality of barbeque. Yet I had the best one (so far) at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-b-Que in Downtown Austin. It’s unbelievably close to the city center that it took me less than 10 minutes to get there from the Austin Convention Center. Thankfully, I came here before the first day of SXSW 2019.

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-b-Que is a casual (but lively) cafeteria-style restaurant that many office workers in Downtown Austin flock to on weekdays. Customers get to choose which and how much meat they want, from sausage to beef brisket. The meat can also be drenched with the house-made (gluten-free!) barbecue sauce and fat to add more flavor and juiciness.

During my visit, I got half a pound of beef brisket and half a pound of beef rib, which I ravenously devoured after my 12nn flight. They were so tender, especially the beef rib. The meat fell off the bones! The barbecue sauce wonderfully complemented the beef. It’s not like the store bought sauce that is usually overly sweet–this was not sweet at all. I don’t know what spices they used to season the meat and produce the marvelous sauce. But they sure are secrets worth keeping.

If you ever decide to explore Austin and its bustling downtown, you must stop by Cooper’s for quality Texan Barbecue and drinks!

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Mar 28, 2019

Hey there!
I’m Diane Lee.

I am an NYC based content creator, filmmaker, gluten-free foodie, and mental health advocate.

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Hey there!
I’m Diane Lee.

I am an NYC based content creator, 
filmmaker, gluten-free foodie, and 
mental health advocate.

more about me








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