The Thick Cut Bacon Cheeseburger Dream Arrives in NYC

Au Cheval


33 Cortlandt Alley, New York, NY 10013

Monday-Thursday 11AM-12AM

Friday-Sunday 10AM-12AM

Price range: $$

The Best Burger in America (according to Food Network) from Chicago officially opened its doors in New York City on March 5, 2018. With waits that can last for 4 hours, there must be something special about this burger. 

Au Cheval is a classic American restaurant decorated with a myriad of wood accents and dim yellow lights, somehow giving that steakhouse vibe that invites a lively crowd. Everyone is there to spend some quality time and, of course, eat American staples such as the cheeseburger. 


Several restaurants in the US know how to make a good burger, but only a few can nail a twist to the classic. Au Cheval is one of the few. The restaurant gives you an option to add 2 pieces of thick cut bacon and a fried egg to its famous cheeseburger. Some may think that these are ways to compensate for the mediocre quality of the beef though, that is not the case for this. The cooked to pink perfection beef is already so succulent; it’s the kind of patty that leaves your tongue wishing for more. The thick cut bacon and fried egg are just two phenomenal additions that can make the dining experience even more memorable. For those who tend to crave for even more juicy goodness, this is the way you should order your cheeseburger–with thick cut bacon and a fried egg. The combination is heaven sent!


This cheeseburger is now one of my favorite burgers in America. I may not be willing to wait for 2-4 hours for a seat at dinner, but I would gladly get out of bed early to have this burger again. So, if you want to avoid the long wait, you must come during lunch or on Monday nights when things are slow. You’re welcome. This might dethrone your current favorite burger.

Bacon Cheeseburger wrapped with lettuce buns

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May 23, 2019

Hey there!
I’m Diane Lee.

I am an NYC based content creator, filmmaker, gluten-free foodie, and mental health advocate.

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Hey there!
I’m Diane Lee.

I am an NYC based content creator, 
filmmaker, gluten-free foodie, and 
mental health advocate.

more about me








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