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In honor of International Burger Day (yesterday!) and National Burger Month, I decided to write a post about the best burgers I’ve tried in New York City. I tried them before I discovered my gluten intolerance early this year. Just because I’m gluten-free now, it doesn’t mean that I can no longer share my favorite gluten-FULL meals in the past. These burgers are too good not to share!

The burger is one of the biggest staples in the American food scene. Whether it’s a burger from McDonald’s or Minetta Tavern, it is something that many of us truly crave and devour.

Living in NYC, there is a myriad of options when it comes to food. Burgers are no exception. Crowned as one of the world’s best food scenes, NYC is home to many cuisines which allow chefs to come up with great classics and fusions. The burger is no longer confined within the American realm. You can find it in many cuisines now including French and Asian. Some stick with the classics, but The Tiny Foodie is not one to commit to familiar flavors. Although I love a bunch of great classics, such as Shake Shack and Five Guys, I’m always curious and excited about what talented chefs come up with.

In 2018, I had a lot of delicious, mouthwatering burgers that I can’t help but rave about and share with you. 




Duck Burger

– confit leg served with duck skin mayo and grapefruit jam

Minetta Tavern

Greenwich Village


Black Label Burger

– selection of prime dry-aged beef cuts with caramelized onions and pommes frites




Truffle Burger

– beef burger, summer Italian truffles, caramelized onions, fontina cheese, truffle fries


West Village, Union Square


Wagyu Truffle Burger

– KOW Wagyu blend, truffle dijonnaise, caramelized onions, aged gruyere, and shaved black truffles


East Village


Virginia’s Burger

– Cabot Cheddar, Vidalia Onion Marmalade


West Village, Brooklyn


Emmy Burger

– Double Stack Pat LaFrieda dry-aged beef, EMMY sauce, caramelized onion, American cheese, & pickles on a pretzel bun – with curly fries!

This list will be updated once I discover another worthy (and gluten-free!) find. Do you have any favorite burgers that are not on this list? Comment below!

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May 29, 2019

Hey there!
I’m Diane Lee.

I am an NYC based content creator, filmmaker, gluten-free foodie, and mental health advocate.

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Hey there!
I’m Diane Lee.

I am an NYC based content creator, 
filmmaker, gluten-free foodie, and 
mental health advocate.

more about me








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